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7 Easy Steps to Kick Start Fitness Journey

Rebuild Your Body And Give A Kick Start To Your Fitness Journey

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“This course is designed to give you better understanding of the action template to get the most out of this course. Moreover, some Templates are also included to keep your Motivation levels high all the time. By the end of this course you will be motivated enough to move forward and Kick Start your Fitness Journey.

What’s included?

  • Video lectures.
  • Action templates for each step to Kick Start your Fitness Journey.
  • A downloadable transcript for every lecture for your convenience.
  • Workout Templates for all levels of Fitness.


  • Dedication, Discipline and Determination to get onto Healthy Lifestyle.
  • No prior knowledge of Health and Fitness is required because we got everything covered from basics.
  • Small amount of time set aside everyday for working out.

Learning Outcome:

  • Kick start your fitness journey and be very much excited about it.
  • Know all the basics of Health and Fitness from Mind Motivation to Goal setting.
  • Constant support from me and my team to meet all your Health and Fitness Goals.
  • Choose right kinds of food and exercise routines according to your needs and requirements.
  • Be an inspiration to yourself as well as others.

Who should take this course?

  • This course is for all those who feel responsible towards their Health and Fitness and are ready to take action.
  • Those who are on the verge of starting their Fitness Journey.
  • Those who are finding it difficult to get back onto the track again.
  • Those who want to change their lives for better.
  • This course is strictly not for those who just wish for results and do nothing about it.
  • This course is not just another series of shortcuts to your Health and Fitness Goals trying to fool people by making fake promises.
  • It’s a kick start to your permanent lifestyle change.”

Course Curriculum

1- Introduction to the Course 00:03:03
2- Who am I and Why you can trust Me 00:00:00
Find Your WHY
5- Action Template 00:00:00
Breaking the Barriers
6- Breaking the Barriers 00:00:02
7- Action Template 00:00:00
Ditch Your Excuses
8- What are Your excuses and How to ditch them 00:04:33
9- Action Template 00:00:00
Importance of Diet and Nutrition
10- Importance of Diet and Nutrition 00:03:00
11- Action Template 00:00:00
Its all in the Mind
12- How to Prepare your Mind for Optimum Health 00:03:06
13- Action Template 00:00:00
Goal Setting
14- How to set SMART Goals and achieve them 00:03:21
15 – Action template 00:00:00
First Kick
16- First Kick 00:02:04
17- Action Template 00:00:00
18.1- MY FINAL WORDS TO YOU 00:00:00
18- My fInal words to you 00:01:13
19.1- Connect KFJ 00:00:00
19.2- Connect With Me 00:01:33

Course Reviews


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    Love the course. Great videos and supplemental material. The exercises are challenging but I’m already starting to see improvements

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    Because it was very well planned out, the content was great and easy to learn

  3. Profile photo of Barriedonnelly

    The instructions for getting set up and structuring your participation in the course are quite clear and motivating.

  4. Profile photo of Barrygallagher

    Thus far the lecturer speaks in an informative, warm, interesting & encouraging way which makes you keen to get started & throw away your fears.

  5. Profile photo of Bartmorris

    I learned more in one section alone, opposed to hours of reading and searching the web. 

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