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A Complete Beginner Guide To PMI-ACP Certification Agile Project Management

Explore The First Course Of A Series Of Eight (The Agile Project Management Essentials)

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“This is the first course of a series of eight that will form the Agile Project Management – The PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) Certification Program. In this course you will be taught introduction to common agile methodologies. This course is designed to prepare you for the Agile Certified Practitioner exam.


  • General knowledge regarding project management is a plus, but not necessary.

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand characteristics of agile project management, distinguish between primary and secondary agile values, recognize agile principles, recognize the differences between defined and empirical methodologies, and compare the agile triangle of constraints with that of traditional project management.
  • Compare the phases of traditional project management with those of the agile framework , understand how a project manager’s responsibilities will change on an agile project, and distinguish between common agile methodologies.
  • Understand agile project management, determine whether your organization should adopt agile practices, and identify factors to consider when deciding whether to adopt agile practices.
  • Apply key principles of agile practices, develop an agile mindset and obtain buy-in from stakeholders to implement agile practices, develop an agile mindset, and obtain buy-in from stakeholders to implement agile practices.

Who should take this course?

  • Intended for project managers, program managers, or anyone who wants to efficiently participate in agile projects.
  • Aligned with the Agile Certified Practitioner exam objectives developed by the Project Management Institute® and Certified ScrumMaster learning objectives.
  • Will entitle you to claim 5 PDU’s for the PMI certification exams and to maintain your PMI certification.”

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Section
Course Overview FREE 00:02:18
Program Overview 00:08:33
Agile Project Management Essentials 00:02:12
Course Guidelines 00:00:03
The Agile Approach
Defining Agile project management 00:02:12
Agile characteristics 00:10:10
Benefits of Agile management 00:08:21
Primary and secondary Agile values 00:06:30
Agile principles 00:14:10
The evolution of Agile models 00:02:25
Defined and empirical models 00:09:03
The role of the project plan 00:05:21
Inspection and adjustment 00:05:15
The Agile triangle of constraints 00:07:24
Agile Models and Methodologies
Traditional and Agile approaches 00:06:31
Traditional and Agile project phases 00:09:16
Agile project management 00:14:30
Scrum XP and Lean 00:13:16
Other Agile methodologies 00:00:00
PMI ACP Certification Agile Project Management Essentials
Section Project Optional 00:00:00
Agile Project Management Essentials 00:02:15
Introduction to the Section
Course Overview 00:03:06
Program Overview 00:08:33
Understanding Agile Project Management
Common Misconceptions about Agile 00:02:24
Combining Traditional and Agile Models 00:05:09
Agile Documentation 00:04:24
Applications for Agile 00:03:21
Agile Project Planning 00:04:21
Agile Project Management 00:01:31
When to adopt Agile Practices
Factors to Consider 00:01:18
Project Type 00:06:24
Organizational Structure and Culture 00:07:15
Existing Processes and the Team 00:05:18
Industry and Customer 00:06:00
Adopting Agile Practices 00:04:18
Agile Practices for Initial Adoption
General Agile Practices 00:01:35
Requirements Definition 00:06:03
Iterative Development 00:05:18
Team and Customer Communication 00:05:18
Developing an Agile Mindset
Lean Principles 00:08:03
Using Additional Agile Principles 00:09:21
Getting Stakeholders to Adopt Agile
Getting Buy in from Stakeholders 00:03:06
Communicating the Need for Change 00:05:24
Explaining Benefits 00:06:04
Agile Practices Statistics 00:00:00
Explaining Risks 00:04:33
Next Steps
Course Project Optional 00:00:00
Adopting Agile Management 00:01:00
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  • Course Certificate

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