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A complete Fundamental Course to Project Management

Start-To-Finish Approach To Make Projects More Successful.

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“This course is designed to teach you the successful techniques to make your projects more successful. In this course we will cover management techniques, fundamentals of project management from starting the project to finish the project in time and resources. Furthermore, tips for reporting on project performance will also be provided.

Topics include:

  • Defining the components of a project
  • What it takes to be a project manager
  • Using project management software like Microsoft Project
  • Managing project scope, budget, and schedule
  • Managing project resources, including people
  • Managing project risk
  • Initiating a project
  • Identifying and managing stakeholders
  • Identifying requirements and deliverables
  • Developing a project plan
  • Building a project schedule
  • Assigning resources to tasks
  • Understanding the critical path
  • Running the project
  • Managing teams
  • Monitoring performance
  • Closing a project”

Course Curriculum

A complete Fundamental Course to Project Management
An overview of project planning 00:01:18
Build a project schedule 00:02:02
Create a resource management plan 00:03:18
Create a risk management plan 00:03:21
Develop a project budget 00:03:18
Develop a quality plan 00:03:22
Document a baseline 00:01:22
Document lessons learned 00:02:21
How organizational culture affects projects 00:04:05
How organizational structure affects project management 00:02:18
How to assign resources to tasks 00:03:06
How to build a work breakdown structure 00:02:24
How to close a project 00:01:12
How to create a project charter 00:02:18
How to create a scope statement 00:01:24
How to define project goals and objectives 00:04:07
How to define work packages 00:01:31
How to develop requirements 00:04:13
How to execute plans 00:03:30
How to gather project data 00:01:27
How to get a project back on track 00:02:22
How to identify risks 00:03:07
How to initiate a project 00:01:03
How to manage project communication 00:01:07
How to manage project human resources 00:01:10
How to manage stakeholders 00:01:22
How to manage technical teams 00:02:28
How to manage virtual teams 00:02:07
How to obtain approval to proceed 00:01:34
How to obtain customer acceptance 00:01:22
How to prepare a closeout report 00:02:15
How to procure resources 00:03:18
How to run a project 00:02:02
How to run effective meetings 00:03:21
How to set up a change management plan 00:04:27
How to set up a communication plan 00:03:03
How to shorten a schedule 00:04:15
How to work with project costs and budgets 00:01:30
Identify assumptions and risks 00:02:13
Identify deliverables and success criteria 00:00:00
Identify the problem or opportunity 00:03:09
Identify the project stakeholders 00:05:15
Learn how to close and transition projects 00:02:00
Learn how to manage scope 00:02:24
Learn how to plan procurement 00:03:06
Learn how to solve problems 00:02:15
Learn the components of a project 00:03:24
Learn to estimate time and cost 00:05:00
Learn to manage quality 00:01:12
Learn to use milestones 00:02:24
Learn what project management is 00:01:24
Make a realistic schedule 00:01:31
Manage and control costs 00:02:21
Manage project scope 00:02:24
Manage team resources 00:00:00
Manage the project schedule 00:04:04
Manage time and project schedules 00:01:24
Monitor and control risks 00:02:27
Procure products and services 00:00:00
Project management software options 00:02:07
Strategies for achieving goals 00:01:06
Techniques for communicating effectively 00:02:33
Traditional vs. iterative project management 00:03:10
Understand earned value analysis 00:03:25
Understand how to manage project risk 00:02:12
Understand team dynamics 00:02:25
Understand the critical chain method 00:02:02
Understand the critical path 00:02:21
Understand the project life cycle 00:02:02
Using the exercise files 00:01:12
Welcome 00:01:15
What is a work breakdown structure 00:02:00
What is project integration management 00:03:09
What it takes to be a project manager 00:02:07
What’s next in project management 00:02:15

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    I have investigated or done many courses this year and this is by far the most concise

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    The videos are short and very easy to understand. Very easy to follow along.

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