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Become Freelance Expert with YouTube, WordPress, Upwork & Fiverr

Be Your Own Boss And Learn How To Earn Online As A Freelancer.

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“Don’t be an ordinary employee, be your own boss and start working on your own and earn thousands of dollars as a freelancer. This course is designed to teach you the effective use of WordPress, YouTube, Upwork, and Fiverr. Course is intended to teach you to build a freelance system and bring clients to you.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who want to earn online as a freelancer


  • Internet required

Learning Outcome:

  • Build a complete system that works for you
  • Get an online hourly job w/ Upwork that pays more than what you are doing right now
  • Make your first $20 fast using Fiverr gigs
  • Easily show clients what you can do w/ YouTube & WordPress
  • Build a system for quickly hiring freelancers
  • Manage hundreds of clients & scale a freelancing business online”

Course Curriculum

You might never need a 9 to 5 job again with freelancing online!
How this course is structured for your maximum benefit. 00:05:09
Thank you for taking this course! What value do you get out of it 00:04:00
What have I done freelancing online that qualifies me to teach this course 00:03:24
You can earn $100 every week by posting the most helpful discussions here. 00:06:00
Building everything online around you will allow you to grow and change#
Making social media and freelancing profiles that match your name. 00:02:00
Show! What You Can Do 00:04:01
Have your own website 00:02:24
What is Fiverr and how am I using it 00:02:33
What is Upwork and how am I using it 00:07:03
What is WordPress and how am I using it 00:06:00
Getting to know yourself is the most valuable thing you can do to make progress#
How deos 00:02:07
Knowing yourself 00:03:15
What do you hate doing 00:02:00
What experience do you already have online 00:05:27
What have you done recently in your life for fun 00:08:05
What would you be willing to do for 20 years 00:02:18
What would you do if you had enough money to do it 00:04:15
Why are you working What are you working for 00:06:00
With your self knowledge, you can start learning what other people need#
Knowing What you could do for others 00:02:22
Dealing with ads 00:03:21
People’s habbit 00:07:12
What can you learn that is an in demand skill 00:04:27
What problems are other people having now that you could solve 00:04:19
Build a foundation that attracts new clients and customers when you start#
Attract new clients effortlessly instead of depending on promotion. 00:06:16
Building foundation 00:03:06
Building foundation 2 00:08:16
Limitations 00:03:31
Present Online 00:01:33
YouTube is the easiest way to attract people to you and grow consistently#
0 to 1 video uploaded is the biggest step on YouTube. 00:03:30
Consistency is the key to making a great YouTube channel! 00:03:21
Screen capture tutorials are the foundation of my success on YouTube. 00:03:19
Talking head videos are the easiest to make and a great way to start. 00:03:21
Timing is everything in life. Get found on YouTube at the right time. 00:05:35
Building a WordPress website is the #1 tool for being a successful freelancer#
I started out with WordPress and am still using it today. 00:02:24
Benefits of own website 00:05:03
Website hosting 00:06:19
Get started 00:02:06
WordPress configuration 00:02:31
Setting theme for website 00:03:27
Child theme 00:03:04
Get started with interface 00:01:27
Creating backup 00:00:25
WebHD_720p_9 00:04:21
What is Widgets 00:01:31
Yoast SEO 00:03:16
Summary 00:04:22
Get started with Upwork the world's largest online freelancing platform
Viewing Upwork ads 00:03:27
knowing Upwork 00:02:30
Key to good profile 00:04:12
Headline 00:02:04
Skill listing 00:04:10
Predicting the performance 00:03:27
How to find job on upwork 00:05:09
Some sample work examples 00:07:27
Some sample work 2 00:01:10
Looking into ads 00:12:12
What to avoid? 00:03:31
Working with clients 00:04:30
Don’t be hurry 00:01:10
Getting your first job 00:05:03
Introduction to fiverr 00:01:34
Fiverr is the easiest place to make your first $20 online
What people do on Fiverr 00:02:27
Identifying where your opportunities are 00:02:19
Taking a look on buying and selling 00:03:21
Getting started buying 00:01:06
Searching right gigs 00:03:06
How to order 00:01:33
Making money by selling 00:07:09
Sample order 00:01:09
Creating your first gig 00:10:13
My gigs 00:04:07
Getting started with fiverr 00:01:21
More about gigs 00:00:00
Cancelling order 00:01:25
Leveling up 00:04:00
Becoming successful seller on Fiverr 00:03:34
Manage sales 00:04:03
Fiverr’s general terms 00:04:22
Summary 00:04:28
Managing relationships with clients and customers successfully
Relationship with customers 00:05:24
Moving zero to one 00:04:24
Don’t forget about scaling 00:07:15
Expectations 00:04:05
Building trust 00:08:00
Maintaining deep relationship with clients 00:04:21
Conclusion 00:04:05

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    Excellent resources and concepts. I highly recommend it!

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    Awesome, I am very impressed give me more….

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