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Cisco CCNA Security – Introduction To Network Security

Start Career In Network Security And Become A Professional By Clearing CCNA Netowrk Security Course

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“This course will teach you how to identify, lockdown, and secure vulnerabilities in a small to medium enterprise branch network. The course is designed for network administrators or aspiring network administrators who wish to build a stronger foundation of advanced security concepts.


  • Prior knowledge of CCNA (Routing and Switching)
  • Hands on experience of routing and switching

Who should take this course?

  • Network Administrators
  • Professionals who are seeking advanced security concepts

Learning Outcome:

  • Complete fundamentals of Network Security”

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of Security
Principles of Trust 00:01:03
Home Dwelling Trust Levels 00:07:09
Goals of Security 00:04:21
Types Realms of Security 00:02:33
Key Terms You Should Know 00:01:04
Attacks and Attackers
Profiles of Attackers 00:02:30
Types of Attackers 00:05:00
Typical Threats Attacks 00:06:00
Key Terms You Should Know 00:01:07
Security Regulations
Importance of Regulations 00:01:13
PCI 00:05:18
Gramm-Leach Blily 00:01:15
HIPAA 00:05:00
Key Terms You Should Know 00:01:00
Security Policies
Understanding Risk 00:05:12
Security Policies 00:04:09
Key Terms You Should Know 00:01:00
Network Foundation Protection
Device Security Fundamentals 00:04:03
Data Plane Protection 00:03:21
Control Plane Protection 00:03:21
Key Terms You Should Know 00:01:06
Cisco Device Security
Management Plane Protection 00:06:12
Device Security Best Practices 00:02:33
Demo NTP Configuration 00:05:18
Encryption 00:02:09
Demo Exploring Enabling Syslog 00:04:03
Role Based Access Control 00:05:21
Demo AutoSecure 00:02:06
Key Terms You Should Know 00:01:21
Cisco Security Tools
Security Products Overview 00:01:19
Access Control 00:02:00
Security Management 00:01:18
Demo ASDM 00:05:12
Security Management Solutions 00:01:09
Demo Cisco Configuration Professional 00:05:00
Content Filtering 00:03:21
Network Security 00:02:24
Key Terms You Should Know 00:01:09
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  • Course Certificate

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