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Data + Analytics From Business School

Study The Same Topics From Business School To Learn How To Launch And Run Business

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“This course is designed to teach you in a way that MBA instructors have taught. In this course we will cover various topics on strategies and methods to analyze large sets of data in order to make predictions, make better decisions, and understand how data can be used as a competitive advantage. This course will give you the feel of attending an elite business school right from your home or office.


  • Microsoft Excel.


  • Learn how to process and analyze data in order to make more accurate predictions and better decisions.
  • Learn how to use big data to strengthen your organization.
    Who should take this course?
  • Entrepreneurs, Managers, Students, Business Owners, Professionals.”

Course Curriculum

Probability Rules 00:02:24
Addition Law 00:05:03
Multiplication Law 00:03:30
The Monty Hall Problem 00:03:13
Bayes Rule Breast Cancer 00:03:13
Bayes Rule Breast Cancer Explained 00:07:04
Descriptive Statistics
Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation 00:07:00
Descriptive Statistics Using Excel 00:02:33
Binomial Normal Distribution
Binomial Distribution 00:09:34
Binomial Distribution Using Excel 00:08:06
Normal Distribution 00:04:00
Normal Distribution Using Excel 00:07:33
Sampling 00:08:15
Sampling Using Excel 00:02:21
Confidence Intervals 00:05:00
Confidence Intervals Using Excel 00:03:18
Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing Introduction 00:07:04
Hypothesis Testing Process 00:09:22
Regression Analysis
Regression Introduction 00:08:03
Regression Process 00:13:28
Regression Using Excel 00:07:34
Decision Analysis
Decision Theory 00:06:28
Decision Trees 00:10:09

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    This course is perfect for my situation

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    It’s very understandable in a getting started kind of way. It’d be 5 stars if it helped prep me more for the kind of things you encounter in the world

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