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Freelance Writing Income Secrets to Make Money

Become Freelance Writer And Start Earning From Home.

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“This course is designed to teach students to get their articles published in magazines and web sites and get paid for it. In this course we will discuss the effective writing techniques and tricks to make you a successful freelance writer. Enroll now and get started as a paid freelance writer!

Who should take this course?

  • Want to earn extra income as a freelance writer, or even write full-time from home.
  • Want to become an “in-demand” published writer with lucrative contracts.
  • Want to make money while learning and informing others at the same time.
  • Want to see their name in print (or online at a reputable publication).

Topics include:

  • Finding topics and lucrative markets
  • Pitching story ideas to editors
  • The contract process
  • Researching and interviewing
  • Writing and revising

Enrolling in this course gives you access to:

  • All lectures
  • Helpful handouts including query letter examples
  • Discussion boards to show others your writings for peer review critiques and to ask me questions that you may have to improve your writing
  • Any new lectures or handouts that will be added with updates”

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Freelance Writing
How Much Income Can You Make When Getting Started Freelance Writing 00:03:09
How to Learn the Most From this Course 00:00:00
Terminology of the Writing Field 00:00:00
Academic Literary Consumer and Technical Markets 00:03:19
Getting Started Finding Topics and Markets For Your Writing
Finding Topics and Markets Introduction 00:01:25
The Secret Way to Get Your First Article Published 00:05:18
Your Second Published Article and On Build on the First 00:02:27
Get Assigned Articles and Branch Out into Other Topics 00:03:28
Print vs. Online Markets 00:03:34
More Topics Feature Stories 00:09:34
The Problem of Third-Party Bidding Sites 00:04:00
Finding a Market and Submission Guidelines 00:11:00
Sites with Writers Markets and Editorial Guidelines 00:06:24
Free Writers Markets Listings Links 00:00:00
Don’t Forget This Lucrative Type of Market_ 00:02:33
Another Profitable Category of Writers Market that Many Overlook 00:01:28
Even More Hidden Markets that Pay Well 00:02:19
Ideas for Numerous Articles 00:00:00
Submissions_Introduction 00:07:00
Writing a Query Letter that Leads to Paid Writing Assignments 00:08:30
Example Query Letters 00:00:00
Query Letter Template Text 00:00:00
The Problems of On Spec 00:02:12
Multiple Submissions Considerations 00:01:31
Types of Contracts 00:07:09
In the Editor s Shoes
In the Editor s Shoes Introduction 00:00:22
A Good Fit to the Market and Your Qualifications 00:01:19
More Ways to Think Like an Editor 00:02:30
Editorial Calendar and Timing of Submissions 00:02:12
The Research Process
Research Process Introduction 00:01:19
Already Published Articles on Topic 00:05:03
Primary vs. Secondary Sources 00:04:34
Interviewing Sources for Articles 00:02:27
Writing and Revising
Writing and Revising Introduction 00:00:25
Hooking Your Reader and Editor 00:02:06
Formatting of Assigned Articles 00:06:06
37_-_Seven_Helpful_Tips to Write More Concisely and Clearly 00:05:00
Understanding Style Guides and Publication Specific Guidelines 00:01:10
Published Sample News Story 00:00:00
Published Sample Feature Story 00:00:00
Published Sample How-To 00:00:00
Published Sample Question-and-Answer 00:00:00
Write Revise Submit Get Paid 00:00:33
Writing Portfolios and Published Clips 00:06:34
Bonus Other Ways to Make Money Writing
Bonus Introduction 00:00:31
The Secret Way to Get Free Stuff and Press Passes for Writers 00:05:21
Monetize Your Own Blog or Write for Others 00:02:30
Free Links and Resources for Writers 00:00:00
Review and Social Media Links 00:00:00
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