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Fundamental Course: Linux Kernel

Write out your own Kernel module

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“This course covers the basics of what the kernel is and how the kernel boots up. In this course we will be going through downloading the source of the Linux kernel, configure and build it by ourselves. Working with the kernel of an operating system may sound overwhelming, but it’s easy to get started.

Topics include:

  • What is the Linux kernel?
  • Controlling hardware
  • Reading Linux kernel messages
  • Reading and writing files from the proc and sysfs filesystems
  • Configuring GRUB
  • Using kernel command-line parameters
  • Configuring run levels
  • Debugging
  • Working with loadable kernel modules (LKMs)
  • Searching the kernel source code
  • Building and installing a Linux kernel”

Course Curriculum

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Welcome 00:00:31
Using the exercise files 00:00:06
Prerequisites and takeaways 00:00:34
What is the Linux kernel_ 00:03:01
Where`s the kernel 00:00:30
Discover and control hardware 00:03:32
Understand system call mechanics 00:04:12
Read messages from the kernel 00:03:30
Use the -proc and -sys filesystems 00:11:00
Challenge – Hardware, system calls, messages, proc, and sysfs 00:00:15
Challenge solution 00:06:00
Challenge solution, part 2 00:06:32
Understand the bootloader GRUB 00:01:33
Configure GURB.mp4 00:02:09
Identify and use the kernel command-line parameters 00:02:22
Configure run levels and targets 00:02:24
Debug initramfs images 00:06:00
Challenge – Configure GRUB and the targets and customize the initramfs 00:00:13
019 Challenge solution 00:07:00
Introduction to the loadable kernel modules (LKMs) 00:02:10
Find the LKMs 00:02:22
Use LKM commands 00:09:30
Identify how LKMs work 00:05:33
Challenge – Work with the LKMs 00:00:13
Challenge solution 00:06:00
Get the kernel source 00:04:30
Explore the kernel makefile 00:04:00
Examine and build kernel documentation 00:07:15
Search the kernel source 00:06:19
Examine kernel driver source 00:05:06
Examine additional selected subdirectories 00:04:21
Challenge – Work with the Linux kernel source code 00:00:27
Challenge solution 00:05:06
Configure the kernel using make menuconfig 00:06:22
Configure the kernel using make xconfig 00:06:00
Explore kernel config files 00:07:13
037 Build and install modules and the Linux kernel 00:08:22
038 Challenge – Configure, build, and install a new Linux kernel and LKMs 00:00:18
039 Challenge solution 00:09:25
Goodbye 00:00:10

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    Great value for money. Learned a lot. Will probably go through the course again.

  2. Profile photo of mamunr9112

    It’s a great course for beginners, as long as you don’t set your expectations too high.

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  • Course Certificate

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