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Google Analytics For Beginners

Grow Your Business Online Using Google Analytics

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“This course is designed to teach you the skills that are needed to be a Google Analytics power user. It will take you through all the reports found in your Google Analytics account.  Each of the reports are discussed in detail to show you exactly how to use the information they contain to grow your business online.

Who should take this course?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing professionals
  • Students
  • Anyone who wants an introduction to Google Analytics


  • A Google Analytics Account


  • Become a Google Analytics power user
  • Learn how to create and analyze reports
  • Learn how to make data driven decisions”

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Introduction 00:00:25
Google Analytics Admin Section
Account Settings 00:05:10
Property Settings 00:07:27
View Settings 00:10:24
Using Google Analytics Reports
Report Date Picker 00:01:22
Exporting Report Data 00:01:06
Overview Charts 00:01:24
Changing Time Views 00:01:03
Creating Annotations in Reports 00:01:27
Viewing Full Reports 00:02:10
Using Explorer Tabs 00:01:09
Data Charts 00:02:00
Pie Chart Reports 00:01:10
Performance Graph 00:01:13
Site Averages Chart 00:01:27
Pivot Tables 00:02:22
Searching Reports and Sorting 00:02:19
Report Walkthroughs
Creating and Editing Dashboards 00:08:00
Adding Shortcuts to Reports 00:02:07
Using Intelligence Events 00:03:12
Audience Report Walkthroughs
Demographics and Interests Report 00:05:15
Geo Report Language and Location 00:06:25
Behavior Reports 00:04:15
Technology and Mobile Reports 00:07:07
Using User Flow Reports 00:03:25
Acquisition Report Walkthroughs
Overview, Channels All Traffic 00:04:18
Referrals Campaign Reports 00:05:03
Keyword Reports 00:04:03
AdWords Reports 00:08:00
Social Reports 00:04:00
Search Engine Optimization SEO Reports 00:05:30
Google Webmaster Tools 00:03:27
Behavior Report Walkthroughs
Overview Behavior Flow Reprots 00:02:30
Site Content Reports 00:09:00
Site Speed Report 00:05:10
Site Search Events Reports 00:03:25
AdSense In-Page Analytics 00:05:00
Conversion Report Walkthroughs
Goals 00:04:09
Ecommerce 00:07:19
Multi-Channel Funnels 00:07:00
Attribution 00:06:18
Custom Report Walkthroughs
Adding and Editing Custom Reports 00:07:27
Wrap Up
The Wrap-up 00:01:06
Tagging URLs 00:03:30
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  • Course Certificate

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