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In Depth Course to Linux Encryption Security (LPIC-3 303)

Learn How To Properly Secure Your Data Using Linux Encryption Security

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“This course is intended to teach you how to properly secure your websites, data, and DNS infrastructure. In this course we will cover everything you’ll need to know to apply proper encryption to the Linux systems and tools like OpenSSL with the X.509 public key certificate standard.


  • Basic knowledge of Linux

Learning Outcome:

  • Encryption to the Linux systems behind your website, stored and mobile data, and DNS infrastructure.
  • How to configure and administrate industry-standard packages like OpenSSL, X.509 certificates, SSL/TLS, BIND, Apache httpd, eCryptfs, and Cryptsetup.
  • Prepare you for exam objectives from the LPIC-3 303 Linux Enterprise Professional – Security certification.”

Course Curriculum

In Depth Course to Linux Encryption Security (LPIC-3 303)
Course Overview – Course Overview 00:01:18
Introduction to Encryption – Course Introduction 00:03:09
Introduction to Encryption – Key Encryption-related Definitions 00:08:26
OpenSSL Certificates and Website Encryption – Website Encryption – Introduction 00:04:19
OpenSSL Certificates and Website Encryption – The OpenSSL Command Line Interface 00:01:24
OpenSSL Certificates and Website Encryption – Generating a Certificate Signing Request 00:03:18
OpenSSL Certificates and Website Encryption – Building a Private Certificate Authority 00:05:27
OpenSSL Certificates and Website Encryption – Revoking a Certificate 00:04:30
Website Authentication – Website Authentication – Introduction 00:01:21
Website Authentication – Configure Apache for SSL 00:04:00
Website Authentication – Configuring Named Virtual Hosts 00:04:21
Website Authentication – Importing SSL Certificates to Browsers 00:03:07
Website Authentication – Testing SSL Configurations 00:02:09
Website Authentication – Implementing HSTS and HSTS Preload 00:02:13
Encrypting the Data on Your Mobile Devices – File System Encryption – Introduction 00:02:13
Encrypting the Data on Your Mobile Devices – Encrypt a User Account with eCryptfs 00:07:24
Encrypting the Data on Your Mobile Devices – Encrypt a Mobile Storage Device with Cryptsetup 00:06:30
Encryption and DNS – What Is DNS Encryption 00:03:03
Encryption and DNS – Build a Basic BIND Infrastructure 00:05:18
Encryption and DNS – Generating DNSSEC Keys 00:05:06
Encryption and DNS – Working with DANE 00:01:24
Encryption and DNS – DNSSEC Administration 00:05:22
Encryption and DNS – Module and Course Review 00:03:00

Course Reviews


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    The instructions are clear and easy to understand.

  2. Profile photo of sabruc7179

    Thanks for this course and making me feel more confident in my abilities to embrace this career.

  3. Profile photo of siwhit4883

    This is an excellent course. Great for beginners like me. Learned a lot of stuff that would have taken me so much time to learn on my own. Highly recommended 

  4. Profile photo of lusinc7183

    Very good course, well-structured and presented, it shows a tremendous practical experience in the field.

  5. Profile photo of tidoch7394

    Pleasantly surprised with the course. Information is structured well and presented in a simple manner. The author is a bit flat at times, but that doesn’t decrease the value of the course.

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