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Learn How To Make $30,000 By Selling On Ebay

Raise Your Income By Selling And Drop Shipping On Ebay.

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“This course is designed to teach you a simple proven way to earn a part time, or even significant full time income. Enroll now and grab this opportunity to learn the techniques to produce the extra income you’re looking for.


  • A computer or laptop
  • 5-10 hours per week to start, you must master the skills before you can teach someone else to do it. Then it can be 15 minutes a day of maintenance.
  • No experience or pre-knowledge required
  • Any computer and or Laptop – Windows or Mac
  • No special software needed, just a connection to the internet

Topics Include:

  • How to setup an ebay store and optimize the correct settings
  • The core concepts of Drop Shipping
  • The core concepts of creating a “”Lifestyle Business””
  • A view of my store, products I sell, ebay back office.
  • Why and where I source products from
  • How to scale up your business to work 15 mins a day or less
  • Start to finish guide on how to do every aspect of the business
    …and much more!

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the core concepts of drop shipping
  • Start a drop shipping store within a few hours
  • Learn the formulas to making profits
  • Create systems for self sustainability
  • Earn money from your new skills

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone wanting to create an Additional stream of income”

Course Curriculum

Introduction Getting Started on Ebay 00:09:03
Setting Up your Account on Ebay 00:01:28
Start Selling on eBay
How to Start Sourcing Products That you Can Quickly Sell Part 1 00:16:19
How to Start Sourcing Products That you Can Quickly Sell Part 2 00:10:27
Choosing The Best Products For Your eBay Store
How to Find New Products For Pennies on The Dollar With Amazing Margins 00:11:06
How to Find The Prefect Products to Sell. 00:09:12
eBay Completed Listings Research
Uncover What You Are Doing Wrong With Completed Listings Research 00:07:09
Effective eBay Listing Strategies
Effective eBay Listing Strategies How to lists An Item Like a Pro 00:11:28
Mistakes to Avoid as a Seller on eBay
How to Protect Yourself as an eBay Seller 00:05:12
Everything You Want to Know About Shipping
How to Set Your Business Up For Success With Top Shipping Supplies. 00:06:09
Shipping Secrets For eBay 00:03:15
Everything You Need to Know About eBay Fees
eBay Fees Explained List Your Products For The Right Price 00:03:06
Becoming a Top Rated Seller on eBay
How to Become a Top Rated Seller On eBay And Maximize Your Business 00:04:27
PayPal Limits
Understanding Paypal Limits to Avoide a Lot of Trouble 00:02:12
Effective eBay Customer Service
Effective eBay Customer Service Make Your Business Stand Out 00:03:24
Bonus Lectures
001 Bonus Lecture 1 FBA Business Model – Double Your Opportunity With Amazon 00:05:24
002 Bonus Lecture 2 How The FBA Model Works 00:05:18
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  • Course Certificate

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