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Learn How to Make It Big In Small-Cap Stocks

Learn Investing In Small Growing Companies More Effectively!

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“In this course you will be taught that what you need to do to become profitable investor in small-cap stocks, how to hunt for low-priced stocks for profitable investment. Furthermore, in-depth knowledge of the techniques will be provided to uncover low priced stocks that are worth your investment.


  • Basic knowledge on stock investing or a willingness to learn.
  • Passion and Enthusiasm looking for financial freedom and investment success.
  • Desire to use the power of small-cap investing to dramatically improve your portfolio returns from average to extraordinary.
  • Open your mind to gain meaningful exposure to small-cap stocks with a potential big payoff.
  • Willing to trade a little security and stability for the opportunity to get in early on the next small-cap stock.

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn how to discover opportunities—and reaping profits—ahead of the Wall Street pros.
  • Learn how to identify new trends, understand fundamental analysis and used to your advantage.
  • Identifying growth trends and market sectors for rapid growth in the years to come.
  • Learn how to mitigate this volatile marketplace.
  • Learn the key catalysts that take under-the-radar small caps stocks and become tomorrow’s mega-winners.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who like to discover the unknown stock with great potential.
  • People who experienced significant losses in the stock market crash and looking to aggressively grow their investment portfolio.
  • Anyone who is interested to gain exposure in the volatile world of small stocks.
  • Anyone who is serious about your own financial freedom and investment success.
  • Anyone who wants to add small cap stocks into your investment portfolio.”

Course Curriculum

Before We Begin
Course Overview 00:03:30
An Overview About Market Capitalization
Market Cap Classification – Everything You Need to Know 00:04:28
Penny Stock vs Small-Cap Stocks 00:04:27
Why Invest in Small Cap Stocks 00:04:34
Are Small Cap Stocks Right For You 00:04:33
The Art of Finding the Next Star
Identifying the Next Emerging Trend is Key to Success 00:03:34
Spotting Growth Sector Trends 00:04:16
Surviving the Age of Technology 00:04:21
The Company Check Up – An Examination For Your Stock Candidate 00:04:12
10_-_Create_Your_Competitive_Edge_You_ve_Been_Looking_For 00:04:00
Investing in IPOs – Is this Your Final Answer 00:04:13
Your Financial Statement is your Report Card
Are You Sure You Know Your Financial Condition 00:04:18
Income Statement – Make them Simple and Effortless 00:04:00
Balance Sheet – Keeping the Numbers Straight 00:03:21
Cash Flow Statement – Managing Your Cash Flow in Your Business 00:03:14
Evaluating Stocks to Manage Performance
8 Key Metrics to Watch 00:06:00
Financial Trends for Spotting Promising Small-Caps 00:07:33
Look Behind the Company Cash Inflow 00:05:03
Who Moves the Stock Share Prices
Market Sentiment Heating Up 00:04:05
Earnings Surprises Can Be Dangerous 00:03:06
Are the Stock Rumors True 00:03:33
Why You Should Care About Stock Splits 00:03:24
Beware of the Pitfalls
Protect Your Trading Capital – Be on High Alert when Volume is Low 00:02:24
Market Risk – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You 00:04:00
Pump and Dump Fraud – Not For the Faint of Heart 00:04:21
Course Summary and Wrap Up
Case Study Dell 00:05:19
Case Study – United Parcel Service UPS 00:06:19
Case Study Starbucks 00:06:07
Summary and Closing Thoughts 00:00:00

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    Amazing introduction!!! It includes everything you need to know

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    Good coverage of the topics presented in the introduction. So far I am pleased with this course.

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