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LPIC-2 202 Exam: Linux Managing DNS Servers

Get Yourself Prepare For The LPIC-2 202 Exam

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“This course is intended to prepare you for the LPIC-2 202 exam. In this course we will concentrate on DNS in detail, configure a BIND Master of Ubuntu and the Slave on CentOS as well as configuring PowerDNS and DNSMasq. After completing this course you will be fully prepared to take the exam.


  • Prior knowledge of Linux.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who wants to prepare for the LPIC-2 202 exam.”

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction 00:05:27
DNS Server in 30 Seconds 00:03:25
Summary and Whats Next 00:01:18
Understanding DNS
Introducing DNS Management 00:02:12
Server Configuration Files 00:05:24
Understanding Zone Files 00:05:06
Chrooting DNS 00:03:15
Controlling the DNS Server 00:05:01
Additional Tools 00:05:15
Summary and Whats Next 00:03:16
Installing BIND
Introduction 00:02:19
Installing and Testing BIND on CentOS 7 00:04:31
Files and Locations 00:06:12
Modes and Configuration 00:06:24
Summary 00:02:06
Caching Nameserver Using DNSMasq
Introduction to DNSMasq 00:04:21
Installing and Basic Setup 00:04:15
Detailed Configuration 00:06:31
Testing and Summary 00:02:28
Client Tools Resolving DNS Issues
Introducing Client Tools 00:02:30
Working with the etc resolv.conf 00:05:15
Common Client Tools 00:02:10
Hands-on with Client Tools 00:03:30
Working with Scripts 00:04:21
Hands-on with Scripts 00:04:12
Summary and Whats Next 00:01:15
Extending DNS to Host Zones
Introducing Zones 00:04:25
Adding Zones to Our Configuration 00:04:28
Understanding Zone Resource Records 00:06:33
Creating Zones Files and Testing 00:08:04
Summary 00:00:00
06_05-Generating Zone Resource Records 00:04:04
06_06-Summary 00:02:07
Troubleshooting DNS and Log Files
Introduction to Resource Records and Logging 00:08:30
Managing Additional Resource Record Types 00:06:27
Log Files in DNS 00:04:09
Client Query Logging 00:06:18
Custom Log Configuration 00:05:25
Permissions and Summary 00:06:12
Configuring DNS Replication
Introduction to Zone Transfers 00:04:30
Configuring a Slave DNS Server 00:07:15
Adding Records and Synchronizing 00:07:27
Summary and Whats Next 00:03:16
Configuring DNS Security
DNS Security 00:02:09
Using Simple ACLs 00:05:28
Understanding TSIG Keys 00:04:00
Implementing Security Using TSIG Keys 00:08:00
Completing TSIG Security on the Slave 00:05:24
Understanding Signed Zones 00:03:10
Steps in Zone Signing 00:02:21
Signing Your Zone 00:08:04
Summary and Whats Next 00:02:21
Configuring PowerDNS
PowerDNS as a BIND Alternative 00:02:24
Configuring the Caching-only Server 00:03:06
Installing PowerDNS with MySQL 00:09:13
Summary 00:02:10

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     It is information rich and thorough, walking you through the wide variety of topics

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    Overall, this was a very useful course.

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