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Time Saving Techniques for Microsoft Office

Become More Efficient And Productive In Microsoft Office

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“This course is designed to give you an introduction on time saving techniques and tools that each of the Office applications provide. Cutback on the time by using the tools and techniques and become more productive in least time. In this course we will cover how to work with and become more efficient with large sets of data.


  • If you’d like to follow along you’ll need Microsoft Office installed. Otherwise you can sit back, relax and enjoy learning some time-saving tools.


  • Practice the skills you’ll learn with section quizzes and exercises.
  • You will learn how to cut back on the clutter and disorganization of your Outlook Inbox.
  • You will become a Microsoft Word master by learning how to effectively manage large Word documents.
  • You will learn how to create consistently formatted PowerPoint presentations by
  • harnessing the power of PowerPoint master slides.
  • You will become more efficient in working with large data sets in Excel.
  • Ultimately you will learn to save time with these Microsoft Office productivity techniques.

Who should take this course?

  • This Microsoft Office course is designed for individuals that are looking to become more efficient in the Microsoft Office Suite of applications. If you’ve ever felt like there should be a quicker, easier way of completing a task in Excel or spending too much of your busy day managing and organizing your Outlook inbox, then this course is for you.”

Course Curriculum

Microsoft Office 2013 Time-Saving Tools for the Office Newb Course Intro
Introduction to the course material 00:04:05
Excel - Save Time Creating Dynamic Reports with PivotTables
Creating an Excel PivotTable 00:06:18
Creating PivotCharts 00:04:30
Creating PivotTable Calculations 00:05:30
PivotTables-01 00:00:00
Pivot-Tables-01 00:00:00
Understanding Excel PivotTables 00:02:31
Excel - Save Time by Automating Excel Tasks by Using Macros
Creating a Button to Run a Macro 00:06:18
Editing Excel Macros with VBA 00:08:30
Macros-01 00:00:00
Macros-01 00:00:00
Understanding Excel Macros 00:02:09
Using the Macro Recorder 00:09:04
Word - Creating Consistent Formatting with Styles
Creating Custom Word Styles 00:05:18
Formatting a Document with Styles 00:06:33
Styles-01 00:00:00
Updating_Editing Word Styles 00:04:22
Word Styles and the Navigation Pane 00:08:11
Word - Creating a Dynamic Table of Contents
Creating the Table of Contents 00:04:10
Updating_Editing the Table of Contents 00:04:07
Using Styles to Create a Dynamic Table of Contents 00:05:33
PowerPoint - Understanding and Using the Master Slide
Creating a Custom Slide Layout 00:07:04
Office-Time-Saving-Techniques-PP 00:00:00
Understanding PowerPoint Master Slides 00:02:12
Using a Master Slide in PowerPoint 00:10:21
PowerPoint - Managing a PowerPoint Presentation with Custom Shows
Creating and Viewing Custom Shows in PowerPoint 00:05:00
MicrosoftOfficeTime-SavingTools-PowerPoint-Custom-Shows 00:00:00
New Text Document 00:00:00
OfficeTimeSavingTechniques-PP 00:00:00
Understanding PowerPoint Custom Shows 00:03:18
Outlook - Organizing Your Outlook Content with Categories
Creating Custom Outlook Categories 00:03:00
Searching Outlook Content by Category 00:05:00
Understanding Outlook Categories 00:03:18
Using Outlook Categories to Organize your Content 00:07:24
Outlook - Automating your Outlook Experience with Quick Steps
Create and Use Outlook Quick Steps 00:06:15
Microsoft-Office-Time-Saving-Tools-Outlook-Quick-Steps 00:00:00
Understanding Outlook Quick Steps 00:04:19
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